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Filthy by Tia Louise

4 Stars

Hana van Hamilton may seem like a damaged young woman, but she isn’t going to let her past trauma keep her from pursuing the man who means everything to her. Oskar “Scar” Lourde has been a steady and comforting presence since he and Hana met, but he is so much more than just her bodyguard, or friend… he is her everything


Filthy was an all-consuming and incredibly sexy, romantic suspense sensation. Hana and Oskar may have their fair share of scars, but these two damaged souls will find a way to be whole again, if only in each others arms…

This book was such a gritty, sexy and sweet read! I really like Hana, she was such a strong character who is working through her past mistakes and coming out stronger on the other side. I adored the love she showed for her family, and her supreme talent at photography.

Scar was a complex character who it was impossible not to love. With a heroic, yet shady past and the visible scars to prove it, most people shrink away from his intense persona. But not Hana. She sees past the darkness, and into the eyes of the only man who has ever wanted to protect her and get her filthy, all at the same time…

I really enjoyed this book as a whole, but I absolutely loved its ending! Hana and Scar’s spicy and complicated love story was heartbreaking and sweet, and an always engaging read…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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