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Run For Your Honey (Blum’s Bees #3) by Staci Hart

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5 Stars

Poppy Blum… for mayor?! With a recently discovered passion for town politics, Poppy has decided to put her hat in the ring to become the next mayor of Lindenboch, TX. She knows it’s going to be a hard race… but what she didn’t expect? For the man who broke her heart to come roaring back into town… as her opponent…

Duke Daniels hasn’t seen Poppy in twelve long years, and it doesn’t take him long to remember why he’s avoided coming home to Lindenboch for so long. Because being near Poppy and trying to resist her? Duke still doesn’t possess that kind of iron willpower…


Run For Your Honey was a delightfully sexy and seriously funny, enemies to lovers, romance!! Poppy and Duke were once inseparable, until he went away to college, and never came home…

Poppy loves her family, their bee farm, and her hometown. And while she also once loved Duke, it’s been a long time since she has thought about the man who shattered her heart into tiny little pieces. But when her childhood sweetheart returns as a slick and polished politician… all Poppy can see is a man who wants to use the people of Lindenboch, only to leave them behind again…

This book was such a sexy and fun read, and I absolutely adored Poppy and Duke’s reunion. Their history was complicated and full of past pain, but the connection that they shared could never be forgotten… no matter how much it may affect their futures…

As the final book in the fabulous Blum’s Bees series, this story was everything I needed in order to say goodbye to this unforgettable cast of characters, and most especially the Blum ladies… and the dreaded Blum curse!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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