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Royally Not Ready by Meghan Quinn


4 Stars

Lilly Campbell has never even once heard of the country of Torskethorpe… so how in the heck is she supposed to be their future queen?! Luckily for her, Lilly’s new title comes with a crash course on all things royal… from the absolutely sexiest (and stuffiest) man she has EVER met… Keller Fitzwilliam.


Royally Not Ready was a scorchingly hot and sexy, slow burn, opposites attract romance!! Lilly knows nothing about being a royal, while Keller has dedicated his life to serving the crown. And while a relationship between them might have been forbidden in the past… there is nothing traditional about the way these two feel about each other…

I loved the book so much! Lilly and Keller had a hilarious and ultra sexy connection from the moment that they met… and from there, this story just kept getting better and better!

As the long lost granddaughter of King Theodore of Torskethorpe, Lilly was definitely not prepared to find out that she was heir to the throne. But discovering that she still had family after the tragic loss of her parents? Well, there was nothing that she wouldn’t do to finally get to meet them. 

Keller was raised in the palace as a the son of royal staffers, and he has an incredibly firm grasp on his place in the scheme of things. So while being attracted to Lilly is a total nightmare, Keller knows he can NEVER act on it… or so he keeps telling himself. But for what Keller lacks in control when it comes to wanting Lilly, he will more than make up for… in the bedroom…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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