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Devil of Dublin by B.B. Easton

4.5 Stars

Darby Collins fell in love with the magic of Ireland as a young girl. Her yearly visits were filled with folklore, family, and the quiet boy in the woods, who she promised to always come back to.

Until many years passed when she couldn’t, and Kellen Donovan became the man he always feared he would be…


Devil of Dublin was a book that will take you on a dark and gritty, romantic journey. Darby and Kellen’s love story was complicated and heartbreaking, but once they find each other again, they will learn how to heal from their pasts together…

As a young girl, Darby was a ray of sunshine who befriended the boy who everyone feared. But the stories she heard of Kellen were never the reality that she had witnessed. And when they meet again… Darby still sees Kellen as the boy in the woods… and not the incredibly dangerous hit man he has become…

This book had me enthralled from its very first pages! Darby and Kellen come together as two extremely damaged adults who have both gone through some very bad times. And while their reunion should consist of nothing but the unmitigated joy that they deserve, things are about to go from bad to tremendously worse…

Darby and Kellen’s story is not for the faint of heart, and trigger warnings abound. But despite all of the trauma they endure, their relationship is a bright shining light that will alway win in the end…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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