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Butt-dialing the Billionaire (Billionaires of Manhattan #7) by Annika Martin

4 Stars

Working an amazing job for a failing company is a special kind of heartbreak. So when yet another project is tanked to listen to some self-important billionaire make some speech, Jada Herberger just reacts. And while her impression of said billionaire was hilarious… him mistakenly hearing it?! Not so much…

Jaxon Harcourt Eadsburg von Henningsly wants nothing to do with the businesses that he inherited from his late parents, but walking away from them is simply not an option. And now his biggest desire is to uncover the woman who openly mocked him in front of the very board he was trying to reassure…


Butt-dialing the Billionaire was an incredibly funny and delightfully romantic read! Jada and Jack can’t stand each other from their very first meeting, but there’s no denying that their dislike is also covering up some very inconvenient desire…

This was such a cute and entertaining story! Jada was hardworking, creative, and easy to love. From making friends on the street, to treating her co-workers like family, no one could resist a friendship with Jada… even someone professionally apathetic, like Jack!

Jack believes that his existence is destined to only be him against the world, and that was never more true than with his relationship with his parents. But little does he know, working undercover at SportyGoCo is about to change everything he previously thought he knew about life…

I enjoyed this book so much! The office antics of Jada and her co-workers had me constantly laughing out loud! And when it came to Jada’s boss, I could NOT wait for him to get his comeuppance! The sex scenes had a fade-to-black feel, but the chemistry between Jada and Jack was top-notch.

This book was another fantastic addition to the always entertaining, Billionaires of Manhattan series!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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