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Folk Around and Find Out (Good Folk: Modern Folktales #2) by Penny Reid

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4.5 Stars

As a local strip club owner, Hank Weller is no stranger to being a pariah in his hometown of Green Valley, Tennessee. But the absolute last thing he needs is for a do-gooder like Charlotte Mitchell bringing any undo attention to his blissfully uncomplicated life…

Charlotte is a single mom with four fabulous kids, and one no good ex-husband… but she’s never let that stop her from helping when people need her. Even if that means she has to swallow her pride and ask Hank Weller for a job, to do so…


Folk Around and Find Out was a sexy, sweet, and heartwarming, slow burn romantic delight! Charlotte and Hank may be polar opposites on paper, but that means little when it comes to the combustable attraction between them…

This book was a beautifully unexpected read. I loved Charlotte from her very first interaction with Hank. Her ability to love and respect everyone was highly admirable, and she deserved all good things to happen for her… whether she thought she had the time for them or not. 

Hank was a strip club owner with a heart of gold… as long as no one acknowledged that to his face. His choice of career notwithstanding, his goal in life was to give women the power to control their own livelihoods. And while he thinks he has Charlotte all figure out, Hank is about to get a lesson in never judging a book by it’s cover…

I enjoyed absolutely everything about this story. I adored each and every character, and how they all seemed to be realistically nuanced and flawed. Charlotte and Hank’s relationship provided a beautiful and sincere plot, filled with laughs, sexy times, and many heartwarming moments. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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Good Folk: Modern Folktales

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