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Forbidden French by R.S. Grey

5 Stars

As a young girl, Lainey Davenport was painfully infatuated with the completely untouchable, Emmett Mercier. He was revered at St. Johns boarding school, while she was ignored… but he noticed her all the same…

Twelve years later, these past acquantices strike up an unlikely friendship… at a very inopportune time in their lives…


Forbidden French was a beautifully tortuous and quietly sexy, slow burn romance read! Lainey and Emmett’s romantic saga starts out sweet and innocent, but when they reunite, years later, the sparks will fly… no matter how inappropriate they may be…

This book introduced such a unique plot and setting, that I was kept absolutely immersed within its pages. The storied love between Lainey and Emmett was at times bittersweet and dripping in angst, but the journey was everything I crave from a beautifully written romance. 

Lainey was an incredibly shy young girl who had recently lost both of her parents and was living as a shadow of herself at St. Johns. Years later, she is still quiet and reserved, and she lives a sheltered life managed by her grandmother. But behind Lainey’s agreeable personality lies a woman who is dying for an adventure, or simply, something of her own…

Emmett was raised to fall in line to his father’s wishes and has been preparing to take over his company since the day he left St. Johns. And while he admittedly can’t stop thinking about Lainey, the moment his father interferes, Emmett rebels like he never has before…

I loved this book for being so extraordinary and different, and for the heartbreaking journey we take in Lainey’s shoes. I couldn’t get enough of the glittering world in which these characters were immersed in, and sometimes caged by. Lainey was a character who you felt the need to root for, for her to find her voice and to take what she wanted… and Emmett was the kind of man who could inspire her to do it…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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