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Witcha Gonna Do? (Witchington #1) by Avery Flynn

4 Stars

Matilda Grace Sherwood is a witch with no powers. Not only that, but she is the only member of a powerful family of witches who is considered an outré to her people. But while Tilda’s magical life is less than stellar, she hopes to find someone who will love her for herself, and not the influence of her family…

Gil Connolly drives Tilda absolutely crazy… he’s full of himself, too sexy for his own good, and Tilda has made it very clear that she wants nothing to do with him… so why has she been set up with him on her last THREE blind dates???


Witcha Gonna Do? was a super cute, quirky and fun, opposites attract romance! Tilda and Gil may be nemeses, but while they keep running into each other, keeping their lips to themselves just keeps getting harder and harder. And when Tilda needs Gil’s help… she may just discover way more than she was ever bargaining for…

Tilda came to accept her lack of witch powers a long time ago, but living a life under the watchful eye of Witchington is a constant struggle. Her accident-prone existence is constant fodder for social media, and just once, Tilda would like to be seen for being more than the black sheep of her family. 

Gil may have his reasons for seeking out Tilda, but they have nothing to do with wanting her exposed. Working as a double agent between the council and the resistance, the lives of Gil’s parents are at stake… and Tilda’s unusual lack of powers just might be the key to saving his family…

This book was such an entertaining and fun read! I loved Tilda and Gil’s antagonistic relationship, and the discoveries they make about each other along the way. With a slightly suspenseful plot twist, Tilda is in for a big surprise when it comes to her role as the weakest member of her family…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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