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Drama King (Three Kings #2) by Penny Reid


4 Stars

Bathsheba Ryan is an excellent bodyguard… even if her client is the ultimate distraction. Cyrus Malcom is sexy, famous, and overly flirty… with everyone BUT Beth! Which is perfectly fine… she doesn’t even want his attention… or so she keeps telling herself…


Drama King was a super slow burn, smoking hot, opposites attract romance! Beth and Cyrus do their best to avoid each other and deny their ever-growing feelings, but when they end up stranded on Christmas?! These two are beyond ready to share some… mutual warmth…

Beth was an incredibly focused woman who took her job, and the safety of her clients very seriously. As a female bodyguard, she had to be smart, strong, and overly-prepared for every possible safety scenario. And no one made her job harder than movie star, Cyrus Malcom.

Cyrus is a man who loves a good time. Meeting fans, going to the club, and always handing out hugs, no boundary is too important to push. That is, until it comes to working with Beth, and all of a sudden, Cyrus’ idea of a good time means nothing without her by his side… 

This book was a wonderful and festive, winter read! Beth and Cyrus’ attraction may have succumbed to the slowest of slow burns, but once these two are finally in the same page, not even a blizzard can extinguish their steamy sexual escapades!

Not only was this book super sexy, but I also loved the characters and their internal struggles so much! An interesting and entertaining read, this book was a hard one to put down!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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