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Thorns (Blood Prophecy #2) by L.H. Cosway

3.5 Stars

** Thorns is book two in the Blood Prophecy trilogy, and should be read after book one, Foretold. This review may contain spoilers if you are not yet caught up in the series. **

Life has returned to normal for Darya Cristescu. She and her boyfriend Peter are doing great, school is advancing along nicely, and the demon Vasilios is living behind bars. But when she wakes up with blood on her hands…. Darya finds herself in a world of trouble…


Thorns is book two in the Blood Prophecy trilogy, and it will bring Darya to a very unfortunate turning point in her life. Accused of murder, and sentenced to serve time in the infamous, Prison of Thorns… her powerful parents will be utterly powerless to help her now…

Darya may still be a student at St. Bastians, but when she is sent to the Prison of Thorns, her life will be changed forever. And while Darya may have a mission to achieve while incarcerated, it doesn’t take long for her to fall into favor with her once sworn enemy… the demon-warlock Vasilios.

This book was an in-depth dive into Darya being a prisoner and how she survives life in the Prison of Thorns. It showed her incredible strength, and a small glimpse into the power she may someday have, but more importantly, it completely changed the course in which she expected her life to take. There is no love lost between Darya and Vasilios, but the more time they spend together, the more Darya starts to realize that Vasilios may not be the bad guy she thought he was…

I love where the storyline for this trilogy is going, and I can’t wait to see what book three will bring. Darya firmly believes that she and her boyfriend Peter are headed for their own happily ever after, but Vasilios is a game changer that she never saw coming…

The Blood Prophecy series will conclude with Blaze, set to release in April 2023.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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