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Charming CEO (Billionaire Bachelors #11) by Lila Monroe

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4 Stars

Piper Dashford has big dreams for her small business, and she’s just found the perfect place to set up her very first storefront!

Unfortunately for Flynn McCord, his best friend’s irresistible sister is going to be his brand new tenant… and she has some interesting products that she’s planning on peddling…


Charming CEO was an extremely sexy and complicated, brother’s best friend, romance! Piper has had a crush on Flynn for way too many years to count, and he’s never looked at her twice. But with a close proximity, and a little bit of jealousy… that sad little scenario is about to change… in a BIG way…

This book was such a cute, steamy, and entertaining story! From her sexy business idea, to pursing a man who absolutely refuses to give into her feminine wiles, Piper is a woman who knows what she wants… and isn’t afraid to work for it!

Flynn may harbor an inconvenient attraction to his best friend’s little sister, but he refuses to break the bro code and do anything about it… but one thing Flynn has always done? Severely underestimated a determined Piper…

This story was such an enjoyable, and super sexy read! I loved the chemistry between Piper and Flynn, and the complications they face early in their relationship. Sneaking around gone wrong and the scorching hot moments they carve out for each other, they are the perfect match… as long as they don’t get busted before they’re ready to come clean!

The Billionaire Bachelors series continues with another fantastic couple and more amusing bachelor antics! I always love a good cameo from previous characters, and this book had some so many great ones included!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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