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Secretly Yours (A Vine Mess #1) by Tessa Bailey


4 Stars

What would you do when your childhood crush was suddenly back in town? Well, for Hallie Welch the answer is… write him secret admirer letters, of course!

Being in love with Julian Vos from afar for many, many years, Hallie can’t believe her luck when he decides to move back home for the foreseeable future. But now that she finally has Julian’s attention, whatever will she be doing with it?!


Secretly Yours was a sweet and super sexy, opposites attract, romance! Hallie has been harboring a crush on Julian since she was a teenager, but when she and the schedule-driven professor meet again, their reunion doesn’t quite go how she planned it…

After the loss of her beloved grandmother, Hallie has been feeling a little lost in the town of St. Helena. And when Hallie feels lost, the inner chaos she embraces has a way of making itself known…

Julian has returned home to his family vineyard after years of being away, to not only take a much needed break from professor life, but to finally write a novel. Enter in Hallie, who is chaos personified, and a disruption that he never saw coming…

This book was such a fun and entertaining read! Hallie and Julian’s amazing chemistry heated up the pages of their opposites attract, relationship journey! Julian was a rigid rime-keeper who thrived on structure, while Hallie does life on where her whims and feelings take her.

I really enjoyed the plot of this book, and I loved all of the characters it introduced. Hallie was an endearing character who you wanted all of the best things for, while Julian was a protective hero, who would do anything to keep her smiling!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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