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Slow Burn (Redemption #7) by Jessica Prince

4 Stars

Laeth Harker is in for the upheaval of his life when he meets the two year old son he never knew existed… and suddenly he is a full time single parent…

Deva Kent is trapped in a life she never asked for. Living up the mountain from the town of Redemption, she longs to escape living among the so-called “Fellowship of the Enlightened” and into a life of her own choosing…


Slow Burn was a sweet and satisfying, slow burn, romance read! Deva meets Laeth in her job interview, and they definitely do NOT hit it off. But when Deva shows up on Laeth’s doorstep for work on her very first day, he soon realizes he may be in major trouble when it comes to being attracted to his new nanny…

Deva was such a fascinating and strong character. After spending her most formative years living with her terrible “Enlightened” family, she has experienced virtually nothing in the outside world. From tasting coffee for the first time, to experiencing a hangover, Deva jumps into new experiences with her eyes wide open… 

Laeth knows nothing about raising a child, but when it comes to his newfound son, he is determined to give him the love and stability he deserves. After serving in the military, Laeth has seen his fair share of trauma, but he will work to put it all aside so he can be the best father to his sweet and quietly reserved son…

I really enjoyed this book, and the complicated attraction between Deva and Laeth. His avoidance of any and all relationships, and Deva’s sheer innocence makes for some very interesting (and sexy) moments between these two unique characters.

I loved this return to the always fantastic Redemption series! The town of Redemption and its characters are always a welcome force when someone new shows up ready for their HEA… and I can’t wait to see what happens there next!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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