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Say You Love Me Again by Carrie Aarons

5 Stars

Ever since the devastating demise of their marriage, Levi Truin and Sophie “Holly” Truin have dedicated themselves to being the best co-parents in existence to their amazing daughter, Hart. But while successful co-parenting keeps them closer than most divorced couples, lingering feelings between them always seem to be getting in the way…


Say You Love Me Again was a heartbreaking and beautiful, second chance, celebrity romance! Sophie and Levi parted ways seven years ago, and they have both regretted every moment that led up to their divorce since. And while the past can’t be changed, when Levi and Sophie suddenly find themselves living together on a tour bus again? The life they had started to build seven years ago starts to seem more attainable than ever…

I loved everything about this book and its beautifully written characters. Sophie and Levi were both famous in their own right, and when they met, became a super couple overnight. And while they made mistakes in the past, the growth that they have achieved within the seven years that they’ve spent apart was time well spent. 

I truly felt for Sophie, and the regret that she has lived with when it comes to her marriage. Suffering from postpartum depression after the birth of her daughter, it took her many years to forgive herself. Levi had his own role in the breakup, and although they have been apart for years, he is finally starting to realize just how much he misses life with the woman he has always loved…

This book was a super sexy and completely addictive read… I could NOT put it down! I loved the realness of both Sophie and Levi, even in their celebrity personas, and the love that they both share for their daughter. The tour that brings them together was a great bonding experience, but it is the hurdles that they learn to face together that will solidify their relationship in a way that they never achieved in the first go-round of their commitment to each other…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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