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More Than I Could by Adriana Locke

4 Stars

When Megan Kramer first agreed to take a month-long babysitting job, she had no idea just how much she and her new boss would clash… or just how attractive he would be…

Chase Marshall may be in a bit of a babysitting bind, but when he takes one look at Megan he knows she is NOT the babysitter for him… because she is exactly the kind of complication that he desperately needs to avoid…


More Than I Could was a lighthearted and entertaining, single dad, romance! Megan and Chase really don’t want to admit how much they are attracted to each other… too bad it’s painfully obvious to all those around them just how much denial they’re really in…

Megan is between jobs and agrees to help her mom out by babysitting an old friends teenage granddaughter for an entire month. But when she meets the sexy, yet insufferable single dad she’s supposed to be living with?! Megan refuses to put herself in a situation she does not deserve…

Chase worries for his teenage daughter Kennedy, and the troublemaking phase she seems to be going through. Having a babysitter for the next month is highly necessary… but risking his closed-off-heart to the woman he was intrigued by at first sight? That is just not in the cards…

This book was such a wonderful and engaging read! The town of Peachwood Falls grows on Megan from the moment she lands there. Chase, Kennedy, and all of the fabulous supporting characters give her a glimpse into what life could be if she chooses to embrace her newfound happiness and to finally call somewhere home.

I loved this book so much! Megan and Chase’s antagonistic beginning to their relationship was so much fun and turned up the steam on their attraction right away. I enjoyed their attempts to stay away from each other, and their desire to protect Kennedy over anything happening between them. I also completely adored Chase’s family and the supporting roles they all play in this book… they were such a fun and entertaining addition!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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