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For nEver by Aurora Rose Reynolds

4.5 Stars

When Penny Beaver’s boss asks her to play his fiancée for his upcoming family reunion, she hesitantly agrees… but with the keen awareness to NOT fall in love with him. Which is seriously no problem, because Jace Ellis is a jerk with a capital J…


For nEver was a steamy and adorable, fake relationship, romantic treat! Penny and Jace can’t stand each other from the moment they meet, but that does little to cool the smoldering attraction between them…

The characters in this book were all fantastic! I adored Penny so much, she was a strong woman who refused to cower to Jace’s grumpy persona. She was also a dedicated daughter and hilariously accident prone when it came to being around Jace’s family. 

Jace was a workaholic who trades family time for furthering his already successful company. His no nonsense work ethic intrudes into his personal life, but will meeting the right woman ever truly change that?!

This book was such a super sexy and hilarious read. I loved the dynamic between Penny and Jace, and their story was an impossible one to put down! The plot was interesting and engaging, and I loved how Penny and Jace basically fell into a relationship… after succumbing to the very intense heat between them!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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