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Makes the Heart Grow Fouler by Carrie Aarons

4 Stars

When Margot Hallow lands what may be the greatest interview of her career, she is excited to get back to doing the work that she loves. But from her very first meeting with her newest assignment, she realizes this interview is going to be anything BUT easy…

Dane Rivers is a country music superstar, well-known recluse, and a man who does NOT grant interviews. That is, until he promises the interview of the year for a very good cause… and immediately has second thoughts when the all-too-distracting journalist shows up…


Makes the Heart Grow Fouler was a sexy, banter-filled, enemies to lovers romance read! Margot and Dane love to hate each other in this entertaining and sexual tension-fueled, opposites attract story.

Margot is a respected journalist with Dash Mod magazine, who is assigned to her first interview back after a horrific accident. Through a painful recovery and the loss of her father, Margot looks forward to immersing herself in her work… only to encounter the most difficult subject of her life… Dane.

Dane because a success despite his incredibly hard childhood, and as a single father he vowed to never subject his daughter to the worst things that living a hard life had taught him. But when protection turned to avoidance, Dane walked away from the limelight all-together, and left his story to only be whispered about…

This book was a wonderful read that was sexy and sweet, and dealt with some heavier issues like postpartum depression. Margot was a smart and driven character whose talent spoke for itself… even if Dane didn’t want to admit it. Dane was known to be a total grouch with a mean streak, but when it came to his resistance to sharing his life, his reasons were vast and completely understanding.

I really enjoyed the plot of this book, and the writing was superb. Margot and Dane’s love story had just the right amount of angst, sexiness, and banter to keep me immersed in its pages. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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