4 Star · ARC Review · Dark(ish) · Dirty Fun · Hot Sex · Kindle Unlimited · Love/Hate · Mafia · Series · Sexy

Thief (Boston Underworld #5) by A. Zavarelli

4 Stars “I am a thief at heart. Art being my specialty, I steal it, and I create it, and sometimes, I even destroy it.” Tanaka Valentini has lived her entire life doing as she is told and preparing to be the wife of one of her fathers associates. Her only escape is dance, and…… Continue reading Thief (Boston Underworld #5) by A. Zavarelli

5 Star · ARC Review · Dark(ish) · Engrossing · Mafia · Opposites Attract · Series · Sexy · Tortured Hero · Workplace

Eulogy (Eagle Elite #9) by Rachel Van Dyken

 5 Stars *It is highly recommended to read the entire Eagle Elite series prior to Eulogy as this book contains spoilers to the previous books* Chase Abandonato is a shell of the man he once was. He gave his heart and soul to the person he believed would stand by him through everything. And she…… Continue reading Eulogy (Eagle Elite #9) by Rachel Van Dyken

4.5 Star · ARC Review · Dark(ish) · Duet · Engrossing · Sexy · Suspense

The Queen (Masterpiece Duet #2) by Skye Warren

4.5 Stars Penny has been away from Tanglewood, attending school and moving on with her life. Until people start disappearing and she has no other choice but to return to where it all began… and Damon Scott. Damon warns her to stay away, there is a greater danger looming that Penny is going to have to…… Continue reading The Queen (Masterpiece Duet #2) by Skye Warren

4 Star · ARC Review · Dark(ish) · Mafia · Series · Suspense · Tear Jerker

Enrage (Eagle Elite #8) by Rachel Van Dyken

 4 Stars Dante Nicolasi, is the son to a murdered mob boss and rightful heir to be the head of his family. While he has been hesitating to become boss, he has been learning to live the life he was born into, and is taken in for training by the rest of the Cosa Nostra. El was…… Continue reading Enrage (Eagle Elite #8) by Rachel Van Dyken

5 Star · Alpha · ARC Review · Bad Boy · Dark(ish) · Engrossing · Hot Sex · Series · Strong Heroine · Suspense

Wicked Things (Chaos & Ruin #3) by Callie Hart

5 Stars Zeth Mayfair and Sloane Romera are entering a new chapter in their lives and their relationship. Unfortunately, no matter how many people Zeth informs that he is out of the business, they just keep pushing him for more. Now he has a surprising new reason for protecting Sloane… and he will stop at nothing…… Continue reading Wicked Things (Chaos & Ruin #3) by Callie Hart

5 Star · Dark(ish) · Friends to Lovers · Funny · Mystery · Sexy · Suspense

Just A Little Junk by Stylo Fantôme

5 Stars Jodi Morgan’s life is a mess, working a job she hates, living in a cheap apartment… oh and finding a dead body in her trunk… yup messy. At lease she has her hot friend and neighbor Archer Calhoun who she can ask for help with a delicate situation… like figuring out what happened…… Continue reading Just A Little Junk by Stylo Fantôme

5 Star · Dark(ish) · Engrossing · Hot Sex · Love/Hate · Strong Heroine

The Bad Guy by Celia Aaron

5 Stars Camille Briarlane loves plants and teaching her job teaching high school biology. She is in a relationship with someone who treats her well and while he wants more, she is content with her life as it is. Sebastian Lindstrom meets Camille at a party, while she is on the arm of his employee.…… Continue reading The Bad Guy by Celia Aaron