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Court of the Vampire Queen by Kate Robert

4 Stars Mina Lancaster has never been powerful, despite the fact that her father has long been a ruler of vampires. And while there is no love lost between them, when he gives her away to the dark and compelling, Malachi Zion, Mina is fully aware that she will not be coming out of the…… Continue reading Court of the Vampire Queen by Kate Robert

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Lilac by B.B. Reid

 4 Stars Braxton Fawn never dreamed of joining the rock gods of the band Bound as their newest guitarist. But Houston Morrow, Loren James and Jericho Noble aren’t as great as she’d expect them to be… in fact, they are the absolute worst kind of gorgeous, bad mannered, jerks that Braxton has ever encountered. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lilac was a steamy,…… Continue reading Lilac by B.B. Reid