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A Nordic King by Karina Halle

4 Stars When Aurora James is offered a job nannying to two sweet, young princesses, it is a dream come true, until she meets her new boss. Arrogant and frosty,  her new charges’ father needs a refresher in how to treat people, and she has no problem telling him so… even if he is a king… King Aksel…… Continue reading A Nordic King by Karina Halle

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Royally Arranged (Bad Boy Royals #3) by Nora Flite

3 Stars With the death of his estranged uncle, Hawthorne “Thorne” Badd’s life as he knows it is about to dramatically change. The royal duty that his family has always kept hidden is now something they need to step up and fulfill… and it somehow falls on Thorne’s shoulders to do his part by marrying…… Continue reading Royally Arranged (Bad Boy Royals #3) by Nora Flite

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Bad Princess by Julianna Keyes

 4 Stars When Brinley Cantrella of Estau’s older sister abdicates her throne, she is suddenly thrust into the role of future queen. Always making mistakes and looking bad in the press, Brinley never thought she would be destined to be queen… and her country doesn’t want to believe it either… Finian Bellamy of Lenora was betrothed…… Continue reading Bad Princess by Julianna Keyes

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Royal Pain (His Royal Hotness #1) by Tracy Wolff

 3.5 Stars When Prince Kian of Wildemar gets the call he never wanted, his carefree life of being the spare heir to the throne is about to take a drastic turn. Suddenly thrust into the responsibilities of his title, and worrying for his missing brother, Kian is just going through the motions of doing his…… Continue reading Royal Pain (His Royal Hotness #1) by Tracy Wolff

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Privileged by Carrie Aarons

4 Stars When Nora Randolph moves to England with her mother the life they lead is completely changed. Being the daughter of the fiancé to a British Royal prince has its perks, but for someone not used to the spotlight, it’s a lot to adjust to… Asher Frederick plans revenge for his family and Nora…… Continue reading Privileged by Carrie Aarons

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Dirty Thief (Dirty Players #4) by Tia Louise

4 Stars Ava Wilder is married to Rowan Westringham Tate, King of Monagasco. Married life is great, but when a figure from her past comes back, and life around the kingdom interferes, Ava and Rowan will work to make the world around them safer. I was disappointed that this book was not a standalone. Ava and…… Continue reading Dirty Thief (Dirty Players #4) by Tia Louise

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Her Bodyguard (Raunchy Royals #2) by Sabrina Paige

5 Stars Alexandra aka ‘Princess Train Wreck’ is all about doing what she wants, when she wants, since the death of her mother. Unfortunately for her, when her father hires her a new bodyguard, her days of getting away from her security are over. Max is recently out of the military and settling back into life…… Continue reading Her Bodyguard (Raunchy Royals #2) by Sabrina Paige