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Ruin (Renegades #9) by Skye Jordan

3.5 Stars Faith Sutherland and Cameron Riggs loved each other more than anything… until a gun shot changed it all… and tore their future completely apart… Eighteen long and lonely months later, they find themselves working together on the Renegades newest movie, and it isn’t long before their old feelings come roaring back… ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ruin was…… Continue reading Ruin (Renegades #9) by Skye Jordan

ARC Review · Contemporary · New Beginnings · Series · Workplace

Baller Boss (Billionaire Bachelors #9) by Lila Monroe

3.5 Stars Jennifer Walker just landed her dream job… the only problem? Her new boss has no idea that she might not be the Jen Walker that he was looking for… Austin Banks is a former pro-baseball player who finds no satisfaction in re-living his past baseball glory as a full-time career. And while he…… Continue reading Baller Boss (Billionaire Bachelors #9) by Lila Monroe

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Here Lies North by Ava Harrison

4 Stars The Elysian is going to be a community like nothing that has ever come before it, and Layla Marks gets to be one of the select few people to see it, first hand. But when she arrives for her tour, the property pales in comparison to its enigmatic creator, Cain Archer… ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here Lies North was…… Continue reading Here Lies North by Ava Harrison

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Dateless (Collins Brothers #1) by L.A. Casey

4 Stars Ina O’Shea is done living life under the thumb of her abusive father and her cheating ex-boyfriend. Running away to Dublin, she is looking to start a new life completely on her own… and then she meets the formidable Collins family… Dante “Date” Collins is a man who loves a good time…. with…… Continue reading Dateless (Collins Brothers #1) by L.A. Casey

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Maggie Moves On by Lucy Score

4 Stars YouTube sensation Maggie Nichols, is known for her brilliant home transformations and for the fact that when the job is done, she always moves on to the next one. But when Maggie lands in the small town of Kinship, Idaho, this renovation is the one that just might change her life completely… ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Maggie…… Continue reading Maggie Moves On by Lucy Score

5 Star · ARC Review · Kindle Unlimited · Love/Hate · One Night Stand · Series · Sexy · Single Parent · Small Town · Workplace

My Perfect Enemy (Whitecap #2) by Jessica Prince

5 Stars Luna Copeland doesn’t do relationships. In fact, she avoids getting involved with any man who resides in her beloved small town of Whitecap. And while she has so far succeeded in sticking to her one night only arrangements, Whitecap’s newest resident is about to turn her world upside down…  Nate Warren left Whitecap in his rearview…… Continue reading My Perfect Enemy (Whitecap #2) by Jessica Prince

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My Professor by R.S. Grey

5 Stars To say that Emelia Mercier and her architectural conservation professor got off on the wrong foot is an understatement. Jonathan Barclay is stern, rude, and way too gorgeous to be such a jerk… but there’s something about his domineering personality the rubs Emelia the RIGHT way… ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My Professor was such delightfully surprising, and ultra-sexy,…… Continue reading My Professor by R.S. Grey

4.5 Star · ARC Review · New Beginnings · Opposites Attract · Second Chance · Series · Sexy · Sports · Strong Heroine · Workplace

Offside with #55 (Hockey Hotties #6) by Piper Rayne

4.5 Stars Change is happening within the Florida Fury hockey franchise! With Jana Gerhardt stepping in as owner, former goalie, Kane Burrows, is the new head coach. And while taking an already winning team all the way to the championship may seem like an easy feat, these two are left navigating their former fling, and the…… Continue reading Offside with #55 (Hockey Hotties #6) by Piper Rayne

ARC Review · Friends to Lovers · Hot Sex · Kindle Unlimited · Love/Hate · One Night Stand · Opposites Attract · Series · Workplace

Taste (Cloverleigh Farms #7) by Melanie Harlow

3.5 Stars Ellie Fournier has known Gianni Lupo for her entire life, and he still has the ability to drive her absolutely crazy. But when these two frenemies end up stranded together in a blizzard, it is only a matter of time before the sexual tension that has been simmering between them will positively combust……… Continue reading Taste (Cloverleigh Farms #7) by Melanie Harlow

ARC Review · Love/Hate · Second Chance · Series · Sports · Workplace

Sneaking Around With #34 (Hockey Hotties #4) by Piper Rayne

3.5 Stars  When Warner Langley is traded to the Florida Fury, he realizes that playing with his ex-best friend, Ford, is going to be a challenge. But the last person he thought he would be working with just happens to be the one who got away… and Ford’s very own sister…  Imogen Jacobs is very…… Continue reading Sneaking Around With #34 (Hockey Hotties #4) by Piper Rayne

5 Star · ARC Review · Contemporary · Funny · Kindle Unlimited · Love/Hate · Sexual Tension · Sexy · Slow Burn · Workplace

Enemies Abroad by R.S. Grey

5 Stars What could be worse than chaperoning a group of middle schoolers on a three week trip to Rome… in the heat of summer?! How about having to co-chaperone said trip with your too-gorgeous-for-his-own-good, arch nemesis?!  Audrey Cohen and Noah Peterson can only agree on one thing… that they absolutely can’t stand each other. But,…… Continue reading Enemies Abroad by R.S. Grey

ARC Review · Contemporary · Love/Hate · New Beginnings · Second Chance · Series · Slow Burn · Small Town · Workplace

Playing Dirty In Alaska (Captivity, Alaska #2) by Samanthe Beck

3 Stars Bridget Shanahan never got over her college boyfriend breaking her heart. So she has done everything she can to avoid getting in any sort of a relationship, or risking her heart, ever again. That is, until the one and only, Archer Ellison shows up in her hometown and turns her world completely upside…… Continue reading Playing Dirty In Alaska (Captivity, Alaska #2) by Samanthe Beck

4 Star · Contemporary · Forbidden Love · Friends to Lovers · Love/Hate · Series · Single Parent · Workplace

My Sister’s Flirty Friend (The Greene Family #4) by Piper Rayne

4 Stars Jed Greene and Molly Monroe have been friends who flirt… for years, and they both know that NOTHING could ever happen between them. But when Jed’s world is thrown for a loop, Molly is the only person he wants to blow some steam off with… no matter how complicated their fling is destined to be… ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My…… Continue reading My Sister’s Flirty Friend (The Greene Family #4) by Piper Rayne

4 Star · ARC Review · Bad Boy · BDSM · Dark(ish) · Hot Sex · Mafia · Series · Sexy · Workplace

Tease Me Once (Shame on You #1) by W. Winters 

4 Stars When Braelynn Lennox gets a job at The Club, she feels like her luck is finally changing. But, when she lays eyes on her new boss… Braelynn soon realizes that she may very well be in over her head… Declan Cross remembers Braelynn very well, but that was another life, and Declan was…… Continue reading Tease Me Once (Shame on You #1) by W. Winters 

4.5 Star · ARC Review · Contemporary · Hot Sex · New Beginnings · Opposites Attract · Sexy · Sweet · Workplace

Window Shopping by Tessa Bailey

4.5 Stars After recently being released from four years of incarceration, Stella Schmidt is given the opportunity… and the absolutely daunting task of starting over. But when this dark and moody, aspiring window dresser ends up in the right place at the right time, getting noticed for her creativity suddenly seems too good to be…… Continue reading Window Shopping by Tessa Bailey