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Happy-Go-Lucky by L.H. Cosway

4 Stars Maisie Wilkins can’t help it that she is a happy and overly optimistic individual… nor does she want to. Until she does the unthinkable and approaches the office grouch at their annual holiday party… and all of a sudden, Maisie is rethinking her need to make other people happy… and about a whole lot about other needs she…… Continue reading Happy-Go-Lucky by L.H. Cosway

4 Star · Alpha · ARC Review · Contemporary · Hot Sex · Novella · Series · Sexy · Strong Heroine · Workplace

Quiet Man (Dream Man #4.5) by Kristen Ashley

4 Stars Charlotte “Lottie” McAlister is a woman who takes pride in her job as the headlining dancer at Smithie’s strip club. But her notoriety takes a turn for the dangerous when a crazy fan starts sending letters threatening Lottie’s life. Smithie cares for his girls like they’re family, so with one call, he has…… Continue reading Quiet Man (Dream Man #4.5) by Kristen Ashley

4.5 Star · ARC Review · Contemporary · Kindle Unlimited · Love/Hate · Opposites Attract · Second Chance · Sexy · Sweet · Workplace

Coming Up Roses by Staci Hart

4.5 Stars Tess Monroe loves everything about her job as a Longbourne Flower Shop florist, and working for the Bennet family is a dream… except for that one pesky family member whom she absolutely despises. Luke Bennet is everything she hates about men who don’t take life seriously… and are irresistible with their shirts off……… Continue reading Coming Up Roses by Staci Hart

ARC Review · Contemporary · Duet · Kindle Unlimited · Love/Hate · Sexy · Slow Burn · Strong Heroine · Workplace

Resist (Wicked Ways #1) by K. Bromberg

3.5 Stars Vaughn Sanders aka “Madam Vee” takes her profession very seriously. With her escort business booming, she is getting closer to achieving her financial goals… until she meets the client who may just hold her future in his hands. Ryker Lockhart is a busy man who has no desire to jump through the hoops…… Continue reading Resist (Wicked Ways #1) by K. Bromberg

ARC Review · Contemporary · Reformed Man Whore · Sexy · Sweet · Workplace

Cupids Anonymous by Lila Monroe

3 Stars Poppy Hathaway is a modern day Cyrano, helping those who are inept with flowery words and declarations of love. And with the career that she loves so much, she finds herself with a few… repeat customers who are clueless in love… mainly Dylan Griffin.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cupids Anonymous was a fun read about a woman who…… Continue reading Cupids Anonymous by Lila Monroe

4 Star · ARC Review · Contemporary · Love/Hate · Opposites Attract · Reformed Man Whore · Series · Sexy · Workplace

Dirty Flirty Enemy (White Collar Brothers #2) by Piper Rayne

4 Stars With a billboard designed to bring attention to his remarkable… assets, realtor Carmelo Mancini is a hard man to avoid. Especially now that Bella Scott has rented the office right across the hall. You see, he is a high powered NYC realtor, and she just might be his biggest competition… Enemies by approximation, but…… Continue reading Dirty Flirty Enemy (White Collar Brothers #2) by Piper Rayne

4 Star · ARC Review · Contemporary · Friends to Lovers · Funny · Kindle Unlimited · Second Chance · Sexy · Strong Heroine · Sweet · Workplace

Master Baker by Pippa Grant

 4 Stars Grady Rock has been in love with Annika since the moment they met, way back in high school. When Annika left, she shattered not only their friendship, but also any possibility of a relationship between them. Ten years later, Annika is back… and she is attacking the biggest thing that Grady holds dear……… Continue reading Master Baker by Pippa Grant