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Head-Tripped (Ad Agency #2) by Nicole Archer

2 Stars Effie Murphy and Elias “El Love” Lovaro fall in love over their shared passion for music. But the struggling violinist and the world famous rock star could never work. Effie is a recovered drug addict just trying to hold her life together, and she has no idea who Elias really is… until he takes…… Continue reading Head-Tripped (Ad Agency #2) by Nicole Archer

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Road-Tripped (Ad Agency #1) by Nicole Archer

4 Stars Callie Murphy hates just about everything about her job at the ad agency her friend owns. But, with very few employment options, she resolves to get her work done and get out of there as quickly as possible… on a daily basis. Until she receives a special assignment that she can’t refuse and…… Continue reading Road-Tripped (Ad Agency #1) by Nicole Archer

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Top Reads! November 2017

Completed list of November 2017 Top Reads! Here are my top recommended books for the entire month! Each book was read and reviewed here on the blog and these books were the best of the best!            Click the Cover to Buy Now! You can read many of these books for Free with Kindle Unlimited!…… Continue reading Top Reads! November 2017

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Field-Tripped (Ad Agency #3) by Nicole Archer

4.5 Stars To keep his job Elliott St. James is required to attend a retreat in the last state he ever wanted to set foot in again. But running from his past has finally caught up to him, in the form of his ex-girlfriend, Charlie Sullivan. When Charlie was going through the worst time in…… Continue reading Field-Tripped (Ad Agency #3) by Nicole Archer