My name is Chandris (prounounced Shan-dree). I love reading, and have been reading avidly for a solid 4 years without reviewing any books. I decided to foray into reviewing for NetGalley and after about a month of doing that I thought I might try my hand at doing a blog, so here I am!

While I may not love every book I read, I like to try to point out the parts I did enjoy, because while something about the book may take away from my reading experience, not everyone will always see it the way I do. I know an author puts everything into their writing and I like to respect their work as much as possible, while still getting my opinion across.

I also like to keep my reviews short and sweet, a brief description of the characters and the premise of the book along with my opinion of it all… I don’t like spoilers and I think a review should be shorter than the book itself!

My novels of choice are contemporary romance, although I have been known to enjoy some historical, YA, dark, erotica, suspense, and paranormal romances.

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