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Living Out Loud (The Austen Series #3) by Staci Hart

4.5 Stars “His beauty lay in the depths of his eyes where his heart and soul lived, in the joy of his laughter and the way he cared. Because he did care; he cared deeply.” When Annie Daschles moves to NYC, she is leaving behind the life she has always known. Living under the dark…… Continue reading Living Out Loud (The Austen Series #3) by Staci Hart

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Turn (Gentry Generations #2) by Cora Brent

3.5 Stars Curtis Mulligan is trying his best for his younger brothers. Leaving Emblem and landing a job where he can make an honest living, he would do anything to make their lives better. When Cassie Gentry takes her Dad up on his offer to work at his tattoo shop she isn’t expecting his other…… Continue reading Turn (Gentry Generations #2) by Cora Brent

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Cowboy Up (Coming Home #3) by Harper Sloan

4 Stars As the oldest in his family, Clayton Davis couldn’t be happier in the love that both of his siblings have found. Although at times it can serve to magnify just how lonely he is in his own life. But long term relationships aren’t for him. After being burned by an ex, he just…… Continue reading Cowboy Up (Coming Home #3) by Harper Sloan

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Close Contact (Body Armor #3) by Lori Foster

3 Stars When strange things start happening at her newly inherited farmhouse, Maxi Nevar can only think of one person to call for help… Miles Dartman is a former MMA fighter turned security expert. When Maxi asks for his help, he will stop at nothing to get to the bottom of who is harassing her. No…… Continue reading Close Contact (Body Armor #3) by Lori Foster

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The British Knight by Louise Bay

4 Stars Violet King has hit a rut with her life in NYC. Fired from her most recent waitressing job, when a friend offers her a chance to live in London for a few months she jumps at the chance. New adventures, new men, and a break from the monotony of her underachieving lifestyle. When…… Continue reading The British Knight by Louise Bay

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Bad Princess by Julianna Keyes

 4 Stars When Brinley Cantrella of Estau’s older sister abdicates her throne, she is suddenly thrust into the role of future queen. Always making mistakes and looking bad in the press, Brinley never thought she would be destined to be queen… and her country doesn’t want to believe it either… Finian Bellamy of Lenora was betrothed…… Continue reading Bad Princess by Julianna Keyes

4 Star · ARC Review · Friends to Lovers · Kindle Unlimited · New Beginnings · Slow Burn

The Roommate ‘dis’Agreement by Leddy Harper

4 Stars Recently divorced, Cash Nicholson decides he needs a roommate. Dissatisfied with his solitude and boredom of his single life, he come up with the perfect plan. A female roommate, a friend who he will absolutely not be attracted to or want to have sex with. Jade Robertson is looking for a new place…… Continue reading The Roommate ‘dis’Agreement by Leddy Harper