4 Star · Contemporary · Funny · Hot Sex · Love/Hate · Sexual Tension

Mixed Up by Emma Hart


4 Stars

Raven owns a successful cocktail bar, where she is the mixologist and every drink is her own creation. Deciding to expand into food is a no brainer… except she doesn’t have a chef, or a menu… and she has very few options around Whiskey Key, FL.

Parker is best friends with Raven’s brother, her childhood best friend, a celebrated chef… and her nemesis.

With his offer to help in the kitchen over the summer forces the two to spend copious amounts of time together, their hatred turns into something a little… hotter… and way more confusing for them both.

“I want you more than I hate you”

I enjoyed reading this hilarious and lively book. With the two main characters constant bickering and hatred toward one another, their super close parents, friends, and Raven’s CRAZY visiting family, constant riotous scenes abound. Once Raven and Parker finally give in to the sexual tension it is the H.O.T. explosion you were waiting for.

A fun light read, with a successful business owner who takes no s***, a hot chef who loves to give it, and a while cast of supporting characters to crazy it all up.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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