4 Star · Novella · Rock Star · Second Chance · Series

Rock Star (Bad Boy Homecoming #5) by Stacey Kennedy


4 Stars

Travis Walker returns to his hometown of Catfish Creek for his 10 year high school reunion… and to reconnect with the one person he has never been able to get over.

Rae Evans is a successful veterinarian and she has met all of her goals she set for herself after graduation from high school. Even though she sacrificed and decided what was best for the younger her and Travis, she misses how close they once were. No one is more surprised when he shows up on stage at their 10 year reunion…

Now with finally being in the same room again, reconnecting is inevitable… but will they be able to move on with each other again, or will their parting break them this time…

I enjoyed this book! Rae is young yet smart when she encourages Travis to go follow his dreams and she will follow hers. Unfortunately, as they both live without each other they realize how much the other will always mean to them. Travis has come to realization that he needs Rae in his life and decides returning for his reunion is the chance he needs to establish himself back in her life. I liked both Rae and Travis’ characters and the flashback to their young love.

This book was a sweet, sexy and heartwarming second chance romance.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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