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Stud in the Stacks by Pippa Grant


5 Stars

Knox Moretti is one hot… librarian. He loves his job, and the novel recommendations he gets to provide along with it.  Coupled with his love for reading romance, Knox has a tendency to perpetually play the white knight… who is he to turn down a woman in need?

Parker Elliott is in a bind. With her high school years being absolute torture, there is nothing Parker wants to do less in the world than attend her reunion. But, maybe if she had a certain sexy Tarzan at her side, she will be able to get through the night from hell…

Knox has read this romance trope.. many times over. So he knows what he needs to do to get Parker to see how their story is supposed to end… until everything goes the opposite of how it’s supposed to…


This was fantastic!! This plot was engaging, fun and absolutely unique. I was so in love with this story and everything in it. If I had to pick the best part of it all, it would have to be the focus on the romance publishing world. From Knox’s vast knowledge and book recommendations, to the Times article from last year, I adored the spotlight on the genre we all know and love so much.

Knox is the sweetest, sexiest and shall we say a ‘unicorn’ of men. If he existed, there would definitely be a line down the block for women to spend some time in his presence.  He loves his job and his blog, but he works to live and wants nothing to do with working himself to death.

Parker was an absolute mess in high school… and still feels like that girl on the inside. She loves her life, her job, where she is an admitted workaholic and her band she and her best friends are in. Her history of attracting losers only furthers her distorted self image, but when the Knox spotlight finds her, she is in for a wild ride of self discovery and deliciously hot and not at all myth-based sex.

I absolutely LOVE Pippa Grant. With a whole lot of romance tropes thrown into a pot and stirred around, somehow Pippa made it all work out in such a fantastic and refreshing manner. The characters are hilarious, the story was fantastic, you have got to read Pippa, today!!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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