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Tossed Into Love (Fluke My Life #3) by Aurora Rose Reynolds


4 Stars

Libby Reed has had a crush on Antonio Moretti since the day she met him. And in return, Antonio has never hidden his dislike for her. Despite their friction, when Antonio’s parents need help with the family owned pizzeria, Libby doesn’t hesitate to lend a hand.

Antonio has many unwarranted reasons for his decision to not get close to Libby, but when she starts helping at the pizzeria, he can’t help but see what a dedicated and selfless person she really is… and his resolve to keep his distance keeps getting harder and harder to maintain…


This was such a great read, with the classic Aurora Rose Reynolds brand of alpha men and their instant attraction to their women, Antonio was a little different due to his working his hardest to avoid all entanglements with Libby due to what he thinks he already knows about her.

I really liked Libby, she was an incredibly intelligent and hardworking woman who was continuously present for every one of her family and friends. While completely confused as to why Antonio seems to hate her so much, she nonetheless still harbors a major attraction to him. And when he decides to start paying her more and more attention, she is initially understandably wary.

Antonio wants nothing to do with his parents pizzeria, but while they need to take a break from running it, he steps up to run it in their absence. When Libby shows up to work he thinks she is going to be a total disaster, but in the first of many surprising aspects of her personality, she is an amazing help to the business. While Antonio had all the ingredients of a sexy alpha male, his inability to listen to Libby when she wanted to talk to him drove me absolutely nuts. I mean, come on… so many problems could be avoided by just listening to what your girl has to say, man!!

Fun, sexy and with a small dose of some of my favorite love/hate banter, this book was a delightful read, and my favorite in the Fluke My Life series so far!!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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