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Runaway Girl by Tessa Bailey


5 Stars

On her wedding day, Naomi Clemons simply can’t walk down the aisle. Marrying someone and cementing her life trajectory while she hasn’t really lived yet? She just can’t go through with it… so she runs…

While on leave from the military, taciturn Jason Bristow is doing everything he can to help his sister; including putting out an ad for a beauty pageant coach. And, when the perfectly put together, Naomi shows up on his doorstep, he knows he is in immediate trouble…

Naomi and Jason couldn’t be any more opposite, and neither of them are planning to  stick around for long, but their complicated attraction isn’t going away any time soon. Besides, how much living can you do when you refuse to give in to the one thing you want more than anything…


All. The. Stars!! Incredibly sexy, hilarious and with such an entertaining plot, I absolutely FLOVED this book. With Tessa Bailey’s fantastic writing and an incomparable cast of characters, I simply did not want this book to end.

Naomi was raised as your typical southern belle, where manners and duty reign higher than any other objective. But when this former beauty queen realizes she needs to find herself, and experience life a little, it couldn’t have come at a worse possible time… on her wedding day.

Jason is a Special Forces diver who has no desire to be away from his duties. But, when tragedy struck his family and he was needed back home, he took immediate leave. Helping his little sister through a tough time, this gruff, no nonsense military man is way out of his element.

Naomi is well mannered to a fault, and she isn’t going to let Jason’s brand of communication bring her down to his level.

I loved Naomi, while she has always been the daughter her parents expected her to be, once she decides she needs to get out on her own, she doesn’t let her lack of knowledge of how to survive get her down. Determined to live, but still respect her life she has back home, when she finds herself warring with her attraction to Jason, Naomi’s mission to experience life is about to take a fast and complicated turn…

And Jason. With his rock hard exterior, at his very center he was such a softy, who always wanted to be protective and in charge. Yet realizing how much Naomi needed to experience things for herself, he supported her in any way he could… while still making sure she was safe, and ultimately his alone.

I seriously can’t put into words how fantastic this story is. Featuring a lot of amazingly steamy sex, it was also highly entertaining and laugh out loud funny, while being heartwarming and inspirational all at the same time. You simply have to read it, and while you’re at it, it’s equally outstanding counterpart Getaway Girl, where it all began…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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