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Debase (Elite Bratva Brotherhood #1) by Rachel Van Dyken


3.5 Stars

Andrei Petrov is the reluctant heir to an empire that he never wanted to be a part of, and he has too much blood on his hands to ever be anything less than a Petrov. After aligning himself with the Italian branch of mafia, he is now not only a killer, but also a traitor…

Alice De Lange is taken from one prison and thrown into another. After suffering extensive and unrelenting abuse at the hands of her own family, she can’t find it in herself to care if this is where her life ends. And now she is at the mercy of a self-proclaimed monster, who knows exactly who she is…


Debase was an emotional read that showcased the darkness within a man who feels irredeemable, and the woman who makes him finally want to live. Andrei and Alice have an impossible attraction that is destined to end in the worst possible way, but when a man as unfeeling as Andrei is drawn to the woman who brings out his humanity with her very existence… he will do everything in his power to protect her above all else…

Alice is a member of the mafia’s most hated De Lange branch, and her last name has shortened her life expectancy quite dramatically. But, she herself has no love for her family and the abuse she has endured by the very people who were supposed to protect her.

Andrei was made to be a monster at a young age and has refused to do anything but things his own way ever since.. including having sex with the women who are trafficked through his club. Alice was just supposed to be another faceless numbered life that was to be taken at his hands… until he recognizes a soul who wants to leave this harsh reality just as much as he does…

I thought the characters in this book were fantastic. Andrei and Alice have both been through a lot in their somewhat young lives, and as a result have deeply rooted flaws and neuroses. And although they have a rough beginning and an uncertain future, they both can do little to ignore their simmering attraction.

While I definitely enjoyed this read, I feel like this story did little to add depth or anything new the original Eagle Elite series. I love the original characters and seeing the progression of all of their lives, I just wish Andrei and Alice’s story didn’t feel a little bit like something that I have already read a few times over.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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