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Big Dicker (Harem Station #3) by K.C. Cross (J.A. Huss)


4 Stars

Jimmy is an Akeelian who has zero interest in finding his one true mate. While on his way to refresh his DNA scrambler to ensure just that, his ship, the Big Dicker, has to make an emergency stop at the place nightmare’s are made of… the family focused Mighty Minions Resort.

Cygnian Princess Delphi needs to kidnap Jimmy and bring him back to the Loathsome One if she wants to save her brother. But there’s something about Jimmy… and the Mighty Minions Resort that stops her mission dead in it’s tracks…


Big Dicker was a hilarious and suspenseful read that never failed to deliver an entertaining experience. From the crazy Mighty Minion resort (and those of us with kids might not find this place too far-fetched), to the all-consuming attraction between Jimmy and Delphi, this book was an always engaging read!

Delphi was a woman on a mission to save her twin brother from the abuse he is suffering at the hands of the Loathsome One. She doesn’t want to have to kidnap Jimmy, but she is left with very little choice if she wants her brother safe. And when she and Jimmy’s attraction starts simmering beyond what they can ignore, will her plan to help her brother end in disaster?

Jimmy is a bot liberator who wants to avoid everything to do with having a Cygnian princess as a mate. But when he meets Delphi, all of his previous inhibitions suddenly don’t seem quite so important any more. But, even though he can’t stop thinking about her, there is something about Delphi that doesn’t quite add up…


This book was such a fun read!! From the terrible attempts at name pronunciations to the Mighty Minion resort and all of it’s up-charged craziness, the humor in this story added some much needed relief to all the suspense created by the serious situation the men of the Harem Station have found themselves in…

The Harem Station series is not only progressing, but it is becoming much more layered and detailed with every installment. And the direction it’s taking is getting SO GOOD. I would also like to note that for a refreshing change in a sci-fi type story, I have really enjoyed how not every story fits into one predictable formula, and that each couple has had their own unique plot and storyline that is shaping up to be completely different from the last one.

Big Dicker has some twists that will keep you guessing, and will have you more than ready for the next book in the series, Lady Luck. The Harem Station series is not read well as standalone books, and you will definitely need to read Booty Hunter and Star Crossed to understand the whole fascinating story that is unfolding…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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