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Kickin’ It (Red Card #2) by Rachel Van Dyken


3.5 Stars

Matt Kingston is a sports agent who goes above and beyond for his clients… and his family. So when his sister moves in and brings a surprise guest… he can’t very well kick them out… right?

Parker Speedman needs to resurrect her career, and she knows just the sports agent who can help her do it. But, when Matt signs on to help her, he isn’t taking any chances with her training… or her bathroom time…


Kickin’ It was a funny and sweet story set in the midst of a unfortunately darker reality for young women everywhere. Parker and Matt’s complicated attraction only gets far more difficult with every practice, meeting and roommate run-in they endure…

Parker once felt like she could achieve anything that she set her mind to, until she suffers an incident that strips her confidence completely away. She is a highly accomplished athlete who has lost her way, but is determined to work for her next big break. And when she finds herself having to face the demons who took her down in the first place,  Parker will attain something even more important than her dream of playing professional soccer…

Matt enjoys being viewed as a tough, no nonsense agent, but underneath all of his gruff attitude lies a patient and observant man who cares so much more than he lets on. With a soft and supportive approach to Parker’s feelings and her trepidation about sharing, he takes things slow and shows her just how trustworthy of a man he can be.

I really enjoyed this book. The silly humor interjected was fun and on point with this authors writing style, and the premise was well done and original. And, while I thought the characters were great, I felt like there were some missing elements to their relationship that would have made it a little more believable and interesting.

This book deals with some very sensitive and important subjects that deserved to be highlighted in the delicate way that this book handled them. The plot was incredibly well done with how it covered a very difficult subject, but still included enough humor to lighten it’s possible intensity.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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