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Coming Up Roses by Staci Hart

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4.5 Stars

Tess Monroe loves everything about her job as a Longbourne Flower Shop florist, and working for the Bennet family is a dream… except for that one pesky family member whom she absolutely despises. Luke Bennet is everything she hates about men who don’t take life seriously… and are irresistible with their shirts off…

Luke Bennet has returned home to help bring the family business back from the brink of failure. Luke has always been the carefree, comic relief in his family… but now that the stakes are so high, he will need to prove just what an asset he can be… all while trying to thaw out Tess in the process…


Coming Up Roses was a sweet, enemies to lovers story filled with impressive flower design creativity. Set in the most fascinating floral shop in existence, it also features many highly entertaining employees, with stories all their own. Tess and Luke went from friends, to enemies, to reluctant co-workers, but with an attraction that won’t quit, once these two share their eye for artistry and their endless work saturated nights, it’s only a matter of time before the sexual tension wins…

Tess is a woman who thrives in her quiet, predictable life. Having worked at Longbournes for the past ten years, she could never imagine wanting to be anywhere else. She is a caregiver, a creature of habit, and unapologetic about her life’s lack of adventure. Her hatred for Luke has been simmering since he moved away, but now that he is back, it has returned, stronger than ever.

Luke has never held a job for longer than it takes for him to grow bored. A jack of all trades, but an expert at none, he comes off as a man who can’t commit to anything. But Luke’s return home is very different this time. Armed with some fantastic ideas and the skills to execute them… all he needs is a talented florist to help him breathe some life into his vision… what he needs is Tess.

This story had such a fascinating setting, and the visual representation of the flower shop was so incredibly well done, that I am dying to see something like it in real life. From the window settings, to the gorgeous floral arrangements, each description brought the flower shop and it’s employees to life. Tess and Luke’s love story was sweet and hopeful, and while they have their drama to work through, it all took a backseat to the magic they created together for the sake of the shop… and their undeniable chemistry in it’s midst.

I loved the Bennet family so much, and with a whole lot more single siblings living back under the same roof, I am oh-so-desperately hoping for many more stories from the Longbourne Flower Shop world!!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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