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Anyone But Rich (Anyone But… #1) by Penelope Bloom


 3 Stars

Kira Summerland and her friends made a vow long ago to never get involved with the King men, and now that they’re back in town, their past agreement seems to be more important then ever. The Kings once almost ended their friendship, and Kira’s future in one fell swoop… and learning that lesson once was more than enough.

With his return to the town where he grew up, Richard King has some unfinished business to attend to… namely finding Kira and apologizing to her for their mistakes back in high school. But Kira wants nothing to do with him, and somehow he finds that makes him want her all the more…


Anyone But Rich was an entertaining read which introduced a family of fascinating characters and the women they love to argue with. Kira and Rich once shared a mutual attraction that combusted long ago, but upon his return, these two former foes are about to get a whole lot closer than anyone in the vicinity approves of…

I really liked Kira, she was honest and sweet, and really tried her hardest to avoid all things Rich King. I also couldn’t get enough of the banter that she always had at the ready when it came to the King family.

Rich is from a… you guessed it… super rich family. But, the trappings of having all the money in the world have started to interest Rich less and less. When he is reunited with Kira, he can see a woman who is exactly what he needs, and desperately wants.

This book was seriously funny! I loved the plot and (for the most part) the characters. I did feel like the story had a tendency to move slowly and focus on more of the mundane aspects of the relationship, but all in all this was a very enjoyable read.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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