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Neat by Kandi Steiner

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4 Stars

Despite the murky history of the Becker family’s involvement in the Scooter whiskey distillery, and the tragedy on site that took their father’s life, the Becker brothers are devoted to being a part of the distillery’s legacy that their family helped create…

Logan Becker loves his job as the lead tour guide at the Scooter whiskey distillery, and he has built a solid foundation within the department that he hopes will soon lead to a well deserved promotion. That is, until he is given the news of the brand new tour guide he is tasked with training…

Mallory Scooter wants nothing to do with the family business… or even her family in general. After her initial escape from Stratford, Tennessee to attend college, Mallory never wanted to return. But, after striking a deal with her father, her dreams of opening an art studio are finally within reach… if she agrees to take her place at the distillery, that is…


Neat was a sweetly emotional and incredibly sexy read about the love between two people, and their feuding families between them. Mallory and Logan fascinate each other, but they know it would be in their best interest to stay as far away as they possibly can. With their very futures at stake, a relationship between them would be just about the worst possible decision they could make… but with their good intentions giving way to an unwavering attraction, it isn’t long until they are too involved to ever look back…

“Do you think there’s a universe that exists where you could be mine?”

Mallory has been rebelling against her family and their superficial existence ever since she was old enough to become jaded by them in the first place. Starting work at the family distillery is just about the last thing she wants to do… until she reconnects with Logan Becker, that is. Logan is the order to her chaos, but they understand each other and are drawn to each other in a way she just can’t explain. Mallory knows getting involved with Logan is a bad idea… but Mallory has never been a person who is willing to back down from a challenge either…

Logan has spent most of his life in awe of Mallory Scooter. She is a woman who has always marched to the beat of her own artistic and original drum beat. And until he was given the task of working with her in a close proximity, he had always inexplicably wanted to get to know her better. But what if the Mallory he thought he knew from afar might just be the complete opposite of the woman he thought she was… or could she be something so much better…

I loved the plot of this book! With a definite Romeo and Juliet undertone, Mallory and Logan have a modern and fresh star crossed lovers tale of their very own. I really enjoyed the underlying tension between the Scooter and Becker families, and can’t wait for more of the story to unfold as to what exactly happened in their past. With super hot sex scenes and a very complicated relationship, this book was an engrossing read from beginning to end!!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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