4 Star · ARC Review · Contemporary · Dirty Fun · Erotic · Hot Sex · Novella · Police Officer · Workplace

Misadventures In Blue by Sierra Simone


4 Stars

After six years of serving in the Army, Jace Sutton has returned home to settle down and he has traded in his Army camouflage for a police officer’s badge. And while his regular police shift may garner less excitement than he is used to from his Army days, all it takes is one heated look at Cat Day and life as he knows it is about to get a whole lot more exciting…

Detective Catherine Day is known as the Ice Queen within the department, but after the loss of her fiancée, she cares little about what people may think of her. So when the Ice Queen catches the eye of a young rookie cop whom she believes she has no business even fantasizing about, Jace is more than ready to ensure her icy exterior is about to combust…


Misadventures In Blue was a scorchingly fast and sexy story about two cops who are all wrong for each other… but just can’t seem to stay away from each sexy encounter after another. Jace and Cat have a large age difference, and all kinds of baggage between the two of them, but when they connect on their desire for hot and rough sex, they find that they fit in all the ways that matter…

With Cat’s past trauma of losing her fiancée in the line of duty, she has an understandable aversion to dating anyone involved in the police field, but Jace easily makes her forget all the reasons why she shouldn’t want a relationship with him. I loved her intelligence, and her tough exterior, along with her inner pain that she works hard to keep from rising to the surface.

Jace was an adorable, highly mature, yet extremely young man to Cat’s thirty-seven years. But with his past in the military, Jace doesn’t act like any normal man his age would. He was sweet and oh-so-fantastically-dirty, which ensured that every scene with his pants down was hot, hot, hot.

This book was a super sexy novella with a great storyline as the cherry on top. Cat and Jace were a great couple who despite their age difference, could be perfect for each other, as long as life doesn’t get in their way…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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