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Beautifully Cruel by J.T. Geissinger

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5 Stars

Truvy Sullivan is a good girl who attracts the attention of the worst kind of man… and honestly, she loves every minute of it. That is, until Tru witnesses her infatuation in all of his savage glory, and she realizes just how dangerous Liam Black really is…

Liam is notorious for his ruthlessness and ice cold self control. Which makes his fixation on Tru a very inconvenient development. He wants her, but he knows any relationship he pursues will only draw her into his hazardous life… unless… he finds a way to hide their association from every single one of his enemies…


Beautifully Cruel was the addictive and scorching story of a strong southern woman and the menacing man she calls her wolfie, which whom she is inexplicably drawn to. Truvy is a hardworking woman on her way to being a criminal defense attorney, while Liam is a man who lives beyond the laws. Together their attraction and sparring ignites the pages of this incomparable five star read.

Tru was raised to stand up for herself and fight against the injustices of the world, and although Liam absolutely radiates danger, she also seems to have no problem standing up to him. Vastly intelligent, strong willed and determined, Tru was my favorite kind of female character. I loved her tenacity in her battles with Liam, and her never ending strength in the face of not giving in to his overbearing actions.

Liam was a charming and sensual man, who has no qualms about taking what he wants when it comes to Tru. She may be an infatuation he can’t afford, but he can deny himself for only so long before his alpha tendencies take over, completely.

This was such a fantastic read, and I seriously loved everything about the relationship between Tru and Liam. From their always steamy connection, to their extraordinary banter, I never wanted to put this book down! The plot was engaging and fresh, and the writing was immaculate, which guaranteed that I absolutely devoured every single facet of this story!

Also, I feel the need to mention a small character tie in with the Dangerous Beauty series, which I may have let out a little internal scream when this name came across my kindle again… ahhhh!! Loved it!

Tru and Liam set the pages in this story ablaze time and time again, and I seriously could not get enough of everything Beautifully Cruel.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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