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The Line Below by Ali Dean

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3 Stars

Shay Spark is a talented college swimmer with dreams of qualifying for the Olympic team. And when she meets runner, Jett Decker, she immediately falls for him… head over heels. But with an ex-boyfriend who continues to linger and her dedication to school and swimming occupying her time, will the real world get in the way of Shay having it all…


The Line Below was a college-aged story of two athletes who are immediately drawn to each other, but must face the tribulations of a relationship in the world of the highest level of competition.

Shay loves swimming and works extremely hard for her sport. Meeting Jett is like a dream come true, until Shay starts questioning just why the gorgeous and talented track star would be attracted to a wallflower like her.

Jett won silver at the Olympics in track, and he continues to excel in his goals, and he does everything he can to make his family proud. After seeing Shay in her element at the pool, Jett has been watching her from afar, and when his chance comes to finally approach the woman of his dreams, he takes it, and the chemistry is just as explosive as he knew it would be.

This was a good, solid read with a great premise and well researched details about the sport of swimming. I liked the characters and the plot, but I did feel like the execution itself needed something more. I felt as if the connection between Shay and Jett wasn’t very genuine and I would have loved a lot more focus on the development of their relationship as a whole.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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