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Call Me Crazy (Bellamy Creek #3) by Melanie Harlow

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4 Stars

Enzo Moretti is about to do something drastic… like propose to a girlfriend that he only semi-likes… just so he can meet the crazy stipulation required to inherit the Moretti family construction business. Until he is saved by the least likely of people… his sometimes nemesis, Bianca DeRossi.

Bianca really wants to have a baby, but with no husband in sight and her biological clock desperately ticking, she is ready to take things into her own hands… much to the dismay of her family. So when the perfect opportunity for a temporary husband/father to her future baby presents itself, Bianca has a proposal for Enzo Moretti that he never saw coming…


Call Me Crazy was an emotionally charged, sexy and fun, friction laden, read! Bianca and Enzo don’t particularly like each other, but when they team up for a marriage of convenience, that is designed to benefit them both, those feelings of distaste soon reveal themselves to be something else entirely. But while they enter into their marriage with a clear set of rules, changing them halfway through would be absolutely devastating… to their hearts…

I really liked that Bianca was a woman who knew what she wanted in life and worked hard to achieve everything she desired. After ending a dead-end relationship, she moved home to Bellamy Creek where she easily makes a name for herself in her career and shows that starting over on her own terms is completely achievable.

Enzo had some very biased views on marriage from watching his parents fight for years, and he vowed to never put himself through a marriage like theirs. But he soon realizes just how fun fighting can be, when it’s with the right person, and when the bickering leads to making up… Enzo finds a new appreciation for married life.

I really enjoyed this approach on the marriage of convenience trope. Bianca and Enzo enter into their marriage on an even ground, and they vow that they will never develop any feelings for each other… which of course, they absolutely do. But their easy and fun relationship helps them to realize just how great they are when they’re together, and to question why a marriage between them really has to end…

I loved how much Bianco and Enzo drove each other crazy, and the genuine relationship they quickly establish once they are spending real amounts of time together. I wish there would have had been more time dedicated to their actual marriage contract, I loved the parts when they got to know each other and the sexy connection they shared, but c’mon you two, only three months to conceive?! Give yourselves a break!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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