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Renaissance Man by Tessa Bailey


4.5 Stars

When forced into attending a Renaissance Faire, the last thing ex-military man Kyle Musgrave expects is to meet the woman of his dreams… and to have to compete for her hand just like every other sap on the Renaissance circuit…


Renaissance Man was a sexual tension riddled delight. Cameron and Kyle meet at a Renaissance Faire, and immediately fall into an insta-lust filled and laugh out loud funny love story for the ages… of the Renaissance that is…

I absolutely adored Cameron. From her continuously hilarious comments, to her ability to push Kyle into his participating to win her favor, she was such a fun and adorable character! I loved that even though attending the faire is the last thing she ever wanted to do, she stays to connect with her future stepdad and it’s just too sweet for words.

Kyle is ex-military and has severely itchy feet. From his years serving, he has developed a need to never stay in one place for too long, and even though he has an instant attraction to Cameron, he warns her immediately that staying in town is just not in the cards for him, and that anything they have is only temporary.

I had so much fun listening to this delightful and sexy AF novella. From Kyle’s alpha possessive tendencies forcing him to participate in a joust to win the prize, aka Cameron,  to the comedic timing and entertaining plot, I loved every minute of this read!

On the subject of the audio book, I am definitely not an audio connoisseur, and I will rarely review an audiobook on this blog. I think they are a great concept, especially for someone with a long commute or someone who likes to listen when they exercise, etc. I just don’t happen to love the actuality of someone essentially reading aloud to me. But then I had Lasik (which is amazing, btw) and I spent an entire evening with an eye restriction and some Read Me Romance loaded up and ready to go! If you haven’t heard, Read Me Romance is a podcast of FREE romance audiobooks which are released every week… and I absolutely loved it. The two books that I listened to have fantastic narrators and a fun interaction with the authors themselves! I still love traditional reading, but Read Me Romance will be my go to for every audiobook I can devour through this amazing concept.

I listened to this book for free on the Read Me Romance podcast and have provided my honest and unbiased review.

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