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Disorderly Conduct (The Anna Albertini Files #1) by Rebecca Zanetti

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3.5 Stars

Fresh in her job as a deputy prosecutor, Anna Albertini is about to be swept up into the case of a lifetime… and reunited with the man who she has never been able to stop thinking about in the years since she last saw him…

With a trauma from her childhood still haunting her to this day, and when the boy who once saved her seems to need some saving himself, Anna is ready to take on a case full of intrigue, danger, and a whole lot of attempts on her life…


Disorderly Conduct was an interesting and fun read delving into the crazy life of accident prone lawyer, Anna Albertini. With a close knit family and her hometown gossiping about every aspect of her life, Anna suddenly has not one, but three men interested in her, all while dealing with a case that puts her and basically everyone she encounters in mortal danger… you know, typical new job stuff…

Anna was the best! She was smart, independent, incredibly tough, and yes, very accident prone. But what this magnet for trouble lacks for in good luck, she finds herself making up for in newfound male attention!? First there’s the man whom she owes her life to, and she has thought about for far too long… dangerous hottie, and possible criminal, Aiden Devlin. Her gorgeous and-he-knows-it, fellow prosecutor, and her new boss, Nick Basanelli. And the surly, but just might be in-to-her, Detective Grant Pierce.  

I really enjoyed this book! The story was solid and engaging, and I absolutely loved all of the characters. There was suspense, and of course the solving of the case at hand, which added some mystery in with all of Anna’s men woes.

There were also a few things that kept me from loving this book. One big one was how many things Anna did during the “investigation” that just did not seem like they would be anywhere close to the scope of a prosecutor’s job. Anna may have been better suited to being a police investigator, and her and Nick’s continued fact finding and warrant writing majorly threw me off the plot as a result.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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