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Drive Me Wild (The Bellamy Creek Series #1) by Melanie Harlow

5 Stars

When Blair Beaufort comes screeching into town wearing a big white dress and a tiara, she makes it clear that she is no damsel in distress. And although she doesn’t need saving, she is definitely relieved when the gorgeously grouchy mechanic, Griffin Dempsey, offers his help.

This unlikely duo would never work on paper, and Blair isn’t staying in town for long, but whose to stop them from having a little bit of fun before their time together runs out…


Drive Me Wild was a charming and utterly delightful read about two polar opposites, Blair the former big-city debutante and Griffin, the small town mechanic. The chemistry between the two main characters was explosive and off-the-charts hot, and their connection was sweet, sexy and fun from their very first encounter. This book was a treat to read, and I found myself wishing for it to never end!

Blair was enjoyably chatty, flirty and effortlessly charming. From her talent for baking and her head for business, she flawlessly entranced everyone she encountered in Bellamy Creek, including Griffin. After fleeing her old and privileged life for a chance of succeeding on her own, she refuses to let a setback like a busted car ruin her plans.

After the death of his father, Griffin has worked hard to keep his family garage afloat. With a sometimes surly personality and a temper that flares at the worst times, being busy isn’t the only reason that Griffin avoids relationships. But when it comes to Blair, he just can’t stop himself from wanting to keep her around, not only at his apartment, but in his life as well…

This was such a fantastic read!! Blair may have came from an affluent background, but she showed her strength and just how prepared she was to work hard for her new life, all while charming the entire town of Bellamy creek in the process! Griffin was forever tortured by his family and the residents of his small town, but under his gruff exterior, Griffin was a complete kitten-loving softie. 

Featuring an engaging plot and fabulous characters, it was hard to pick out just what the best part of this book was… except it was totally the sex! Blair and Griffin heated up the pages with their role playing and rough and tumble sex life. It was seriously H.O.T.

I absolutely adored the town of Bellamy Creek, and am so beyond excited to see what comes next in this already enchanting series!!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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