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The Relationship Pact (Kings of Football #3) by Adriana Locke

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4 Stars

Hollis Hudson enjoys being the convivial, easy-going playboy of Braxton College, and he never has trouble finding a girl for the night. And then he meets the intriguing Larissa Mason, and all of a sudden, his frat boy life starts to seem way less satisfying than it once was. Hollis is all in for a fun, yet temporary connection between them… until Larissa, and what seems like the entire city of Savannah start to worm their way into his previously cold and impenetrable heart…


The Relationship Pact was an entertaining and charming, fake relationship delight! Hollis and Larissa pretend to be dating as a mutually beneficial endeavor, but when their steamy attraction keeps getting in the way of their new friendship, they take their fake dating to a very real, and very dangerous level… aka: falling for each other.

Larissa is done with dating athletes, until she of course meets the perfect man… and football player. But hey, Hollis is only in town for a short while, so getting involved with a preset expiration date should be no problem… until it is.  

Hollis is facing life after college… and perhaps football. And while standing at a crossroads like that may be scary enough, Hollis also lacks a family, or a foundation to catch him if he makes the wrong decision about his future. Larissa is supposed to be a temporary distraction, because finding the girl of his dreams is something Hollis has never wanted. 

This was such a good read! Hollis and Larissa’s relationship was sweet and easy, and I absolutely loved the way her family and friends embraced Hollis when he needed it most. Meeting each other may have been serendipitous, but there is nothing easy about the personal growth these two will need to do to open their eyes… and their hearts, to what their future holds…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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