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Only You (Adair Family #5) by Samantha Young

4.5 Stars

Monroe Sinclair and Brodan Adair grew up together as more than just best friends. They were each others protectors, their greatest confidants, and the person they knew that they could always count on. Until the day that broke them… and left their friendship shattered for the last eighteen years…


Only You was a beautiful and utterly heartbreaking, second chance romance read. Monroe and Brodan go from best friends, to enemies, to lovers… but it isn’t until they uncover the truth to their falling out that they can move on from the hurt they have been holding on to for almost two decades…

Monroe is a small town girl who grew up in a household of zero love. From her terrible parents to an abusive ex, she has promised herself to never be a victim, ever again. But when she returns home and comes face to face with the man she could never forget? Monroe has no idea how she will ever survive the hatred aimed her way from her once best friend…

Brodan was once a fixture in the town of Ardnoch, but since leaving to pursue life as a famous movie star, his visits home have become few and far between. But when exhaustion takes its toll, and Brodan realizes just how much he has missed of his family, an extended stay in Scotland may be just what the Dr. ordered…

This book was such a fantastic and engrossing read. While it was hopeful and sweet, it also did its part to be a really devastating tearjerker as well! The multi-layered and sometimes difficult love story between Monroe and Brodan was filled with love and protection, and so many misunderstandings… and I loved every single minute of it!

And while the fabulous and endearing Adair Family series has reached its conclusion with this book, I loved the bonus epilogue where we were treated to a check in with all of the beloved Adair couples and their lives after their own stories ended. And of course… the announcement of another Scottish Highland series to come!!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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